Drainage général du corps.

drainage général du corps

He is now employed at Mount Hope.

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McKeown received an incentive award a few years ago hpv virus is dat een soa a suggestion regarding certain changes in machinery in the Balboa Shops.

Both men began their Canal serv- ice with temporary jobs during school va- cation.

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Robert A. Engelke's first job was as a messenger in the Balboa Shops. He now holds the position of Administrative Assist- ant in the Dredging Division.

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En- gelke, who is a native of Norfolk, Va. John H. Joyner, of Ponce, P. He re- cently was awarded an Accident Prevention Certificate for his outstanding accident pre- vention efforts while Chief of the Northern District of the Motor Transportation Di- vision during Two native Zonians and two women are among the employees who passed the year mark in Canal service during No- vember. Joseph L. Hummer, who was born in the town of Empire which stood on the banks of the Canal during the construction period, joined the Canal organization July 25, His first job was with what was then known as the Operations and Maintenance Depart- ment.


He is presently a machinist with the Locks Division. John A. Taber was born at the Colon Hospital and, like Mr. Hummer, began his service with the Operations and Mainte- nance Department.

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Since that time he has worked as a seaman, oiler, and ramp oper- ator. Subsequently, he joined the Fire Di- vision where he advanced to the rank of Captain, the position he now holds. Mildred K. Clisboe, who is one of the two women celebrating 30 years of service, is a native of Louisville, Ky. Helen F. Heim, the other year woman employee, is Cargo Clerk with the Transportation and Terminals Division.

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She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. She also has service with the Health Bureau and the Accounting Divi- sion. Charles McG. Brandl, of Asheville, N. His service is continuous and has all been with the Engi- neering and Construction Bureau. Sam R. Cunningham, of Sedalia, Mo. His service with the Canal organization is un- broken.

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Roy M. Walther, of Elko, Nev. He now holds the position of Window Clerk. They are Peter H. Borger, of New York, who came to work as an artisan, and Glas- ford C. Brown, of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Brown is employed as a Signalman. The latter has had continuous service in this pos- ition, now a unit of the Marine Bureau.

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Wesley H. Bailey, whose hometown is Bogalusa, La. He is now working as a Machinist with the Engineering and Con- struction Bureau. Paul M. Disharoon, Jr. The drainage général du corps ice of Mr. Disharoon, who is a native of Norfolk, Va. Charles S. Howe, of Marblehead, Mass.

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He began his career, which was broken by military service, as a student hydrog- rapher. William W. Hoyle was born in Provi- dence, R. His present position is Senior Customs Inspec- tor at Balboa. Lee B. Hunnicutt, a native of Marlin, Tex. He began his serv- ice, which is continuous, as a commissary assistant with the Panama Railroad.


Rex 0. Knight has held a variety of jobs including policeman, and motor inspector with the Fire Division since he joined the Canal organization. Willis N.

Pence has continuous service with the Electrical Division, where he is now a Wireman.

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He is a native of North Carolina, drainage général du corps in Mecklinberg County. Delta Sampsell's service is also continuous.

Fermeture de la plaie drainage ACO nou sistem de drenaj. Geometria bazinului de drenaj, ca suprafață. La géométrie du bassin versant, représentée sous la forme d'une surface. Drenaj limitat al solului Conducte de drenaj, terasamente, morminte, cripte, comori ascunse. Des tuyaux de drainage, de terrassement, des tombes, des cryptes, des trésors cachés.

Sampsell, whose hometown is Libertyville, Md. Norbert M. Schommer comes from Wis- consin. He was born at Random Lake. All of his service has been with the Supply and Community Service Bureau.

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He came to the Canal in as an account- ing clerk. Glen W. Winberg has a record of contin- uous service with the Dredging Division where he is now serving as Chief Towboat or Ferry Engineer.

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He is a native of Fair- hope, Ala.